About Tom



  1987 Graduate of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. Received LUTCF designation from The American College in 2008.


Has been working in the insurance and financial services industry in the Tampa Bay market since 1993. Has represented major corporate concerns such as Prudential Insurance and Benefitmall, as well as working as an independent broker with the goal of providing quality products and services to both individual and group clients.

Has extensive expertise in providing employee benefit solutions to any size employer group. For the past 25 years has helped employers using a consultative approach to meet the challenge of balancing benefit needs with premium requirements, while maintaining compliance with the ACA. Can build a benefit package to meet the needs of an everchanging workforce, to provide quality plans to retain employees and meet the budget concerns of both the employee and employer. He has the ability to bring solutions not only at the group renewal, but during the course of the contract year.

Has been provider of Medicare options and solutions for individuals. Educating, determining needs and providing the best solution to what can be a complex decision.