About us


Retirement Plans

Third Party Administrator (TPA) that provides specialized services to Brokers, CPAs and other related parties in the sales and administration of Retirement Plans.

Services include: sales support, marketing, plan evaluation, setup, compliance and numerous other plan management activities.

PENSERVCO does not sell or promote financial investment products.

Here to help


PENSERVCO, Inc, has over 40 years of administration experience through the acquisition of Southeastern Pension Administrators, Inc. and Southeastern Actuarial Administration. We provide "best of class" service for our clients and partners. Our commitment to the community is strong through charity work and leadership in fundraising.

Our job is to help CPA's and financial planners sell retirement plans.

Exclusive Endorsement


The Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants has exclusively endorsed PENSERVCO, Inc. for Administration of Qualified Plans for its Members in Florida.