FICPA 401(k) Plan

Exclusively  Endorsed for Administration of Qualified Plans for it's Members in Florida

What is it?

A member employer program 

The FICPA Program is designed specifically for Members of FICPA. The Program provides significant discounts for Setup Fees, administration fees and ongoing management fees. The FICPA Program encompasses many types of plans. 401k, 403b, Safe Harbor 401k, Profit Sharing, Defined Benefit, and Cash Balance Plans. All of these plans are free standing or in combination with others to maximize deductions when needed. 

Added value


Part of our services to FICPA Member Firms is a free Benchmarking of your current plan. This will include the following:

  1. Comparison of Administration Fees to companies that are similar to yours in size and Industry.
  2. Comparison of Management Fees, and Mutual fund Expense ratios compared to other funds available and similar to their asset peers.
  3. A report summarizing if your current funds are suitable to offer to employees 

Investment Offering

Any No-Load Mutual Fund or ETF is available to be in the Plan. There is an effort always to keep the Expense Ratio in the Offering below 50bps. There are no limits to the number of Funds to be offered to member firms, and no price difference for 5 funds or 35 funds. Managed accounts are available, and Individual Stock Brokerage Accounts are allowed. Rental Property and Commercial Real Estate are also allowed in individual accounts along with Privately held Stock. Legislation may change investment options in the future. 


PENSERVCO may be contracted to act as a Fiduciary for the Administration of the Plan.  PENSERVCO will sign all documents, send out all DOL and IRS correspondence to your employees annually, take care of Loans and Hardships, and Sign the 5500 forms for your company by contract.